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Are you looking to buy a sewing machine for yourself?

If you like to buy a sewing machine for your home but have no idea about which one to go for, we recommend that you check out our site before you either make an online purchase or jump on to a physical store.

How we rate:

Each of the machines that we recommend and review about is based on ten main criteria. There is a comparison chart of the reviewed machine alongside the best in other brands in the same or a similar category. The chart helps you compare on points such as if it can help you stitch the basic stitches or if is computerized or the expected life of the machine, etc.

There is a machine for everyone:

You are looking for a machine to be able to mend your clothes? Is your requirement for a machine for doing craft? Advanced craft? Are you a professional seamstress? Once you know exactly what the purpose of the machine is going to be, it is easier for you to choose the one that is going to be the right one for you.


Our reviewers:

Our reviewers are professionally trained servicemen who have been working in this field for more than ten years. They are the people who know the nuances of a good machine and they can tell a bad one form a good one with their discerning eyes.

Review of all the machines:

You will find a review of the product as recently launched as today morning in our site. The logic is simple: if it’s there in the market shelf already then we have a review of it on our site. It is important that a good amount of thought goes into choosing the right machine for yourself because you do not end to end up with wanting to update to the next higher model sooner than later.


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